What the heck is a Dosha?

I’ve known my primary Dosha for a while, long before I even knew what a Dosha was.

Dosha, in its simplest explanation, is the energetic expression of mind and body. You can call it your personality, and even physical and emotional tendencies. All of those applications work as you figure out who  you are and why you are.



I’m Pitta. Fire. High energy, high impact and easily able to reach, touch, and influence everything and everyone around me. I have a ridiculous supply of energy and move quickly and decisively in my chosen direction, often without regret or consideration of consequence. Physically I gain and lose weight easily. I’m attracted to strength-based and high-impact activity, and I process anything I ingest with relative ease.

A lot has changed since my high Pitta days, when I was quick to anger, pass judgement, and apply a scorched-earth policy to anything that annoyed or slowed me down. Pitta – like any Dosha – can become unbalanced if its host continues unaware. I’m no exception.

I (like everyone) carry all the Doshas inside of me: Pitta (fire), Kapha (earth/water), and Vata (air)… in that order. Years of yoga and conscious choices have led to a better balance of the three. I’m still VERY Pitta, but I’ve also raised Kapha… and as a result I am more grounded and compassionate. I’m very close to becoming bi-doshic  between the two as my Kapha energy rises. I’m working on Vata to really cultivate my creative side. I am ever a work in progress… with the intention reach a tri-doshic state.

These energies within us are also seen in the day, and even the annual cycle. Right now, we are in Vata Season (Autumn). Because of its ‘airy’ nature, the best way to balance in this season is to eat and move with ‘grounding’ in mind. Food wise, that means seasonal fruits and vegetables (think, gourds and sweet potatoes and the like). Dried fruits and drier foods should be avoided at this time of year (dry = air).

autumn veggies.jpg

If you think about it, eating seasonally is really a common sense application. It certainly doesn’t stop us from self-sabotage, but the reality is such behavior can be avoided with applied consciousness in eating. The more we think about what we’re eating and why we’re eating it, the more likely we are to make choices to support our health and wellness.

Find your Dosha by taking the quiz!

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  1. matthewdavidlyons says:

    Great post. As you probably can imagine, I learned about my dosha during yoga teacher training. (We had a really good lecture from an Ayurvedic practitioner during one of our training days. I am Kapha, which explains a lot of things.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. Thank you! Yes, once you learn how you move and process energy physically you can really work with your body instead of against it (based on some generalized ideal).


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