I really want…



I’ve wanted it since Thursday. Not sure why this is haunting me… but it looks like it would be EPIC.

Time, life and adulting has gotten between me and my dream burger. I want to make it, but haven’t had the time to get the ingredients and get my tail in the kitchen. So I live in LA right…? So I should be able to order it. But what if it’s gross? What if the person who makes it follows this recipe…

http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/sprouted-lentil-rice-burgers-with-portobello-buns/ …and I end up with gas? UNGOOD. No more gas! #nogas #fartfree #firstworldproblems


I’m going to get this freaking thing made and in my belly at some point this week…

Right after I vote.

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