In My Fluffy Feelings

Ahhhh I survived what is affectionately known as Turkey Day without any meat-related incident. Not that it would be a problem, considering the culinary state of my in-laws. It turns out, with the exception of my brother in law, niece and nephew… no one else eats meat. So there was no shortage of vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

But that didn’t stop me from being irresponsible as hell.

various types of sugar

Along with the healthy food choices were a number of unhealthy ones that I somehow kept reaching for. Dessert for breakfast? Oh, why not. For lunch? When in Rome…

And how about dinner?

You guessed it.

SO JUST HOW MUCH SUGAR DID I CONSUME? Well my regularly angular face rounded out quite nicely in a few days. Some posts back I talked about how I gain and lose weight easily. This was no exception. By Thursday night, in full makeup, I looked more like a round faced kidimg_7171 from some alternative comic than a full fledged ‘ought to know better’ adult:

Forgive the oil slick that is my skin… it was the end of the  night and I wanted to send a shot to my sisters.  Plus I was tired as hell! No doubt crashing from all the damn sugar I consumed. The septum ring is fake… for now. I’m trying it out to see if I’m game to have a needle run through that part of my nose in in the name of body art.

Anyway, I waddled through the rest of the trip in obvious discomfort (a separate post on discomfort is coming) with promises to cut out the shenanigans the minute I said goodbye. And I did. In the airport I consumed all the water and pressed juice I could find, and about 3 apples. That got things started. While it’s fruit sugar, it does a number on the digestive track to start the cleaning process. The first morning after I got back, I bought a juice cleanse.


No, I am not advocating this as a way to solve your consumption problems. But I am in desperate need of a reset. One juice and one ginger shot in, and I felt right as rain. I’m already losing the puff in my face.

Physical activity is a different story. I went to a hot yoga class this morning and sprang out of the room 10 minutes in because nausea threatened to manifest in vomit. Forward folds were like “NAH, SON!” Ugh. But I came back in about 5 minutes later and finished the class. I’ll do it again tomorrow. And I need to pop into my local sauna and sweat out some of this madness.

I learned my lesson. That was a LOT of sugar. And considering the fact that along with meat, I’ve also been off of processed sugar, this did a number on me. My body is thinking about forgiving me. Here’s hoping it does sooner rather than later.

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