Still Vegan…

… but not as fluffy. MY GOODNESS. It’s been a lesson, this vegan journey. I learned a lot, and had to recruit outside sources to figure out some things:

-Vegan does not automatically translate to healthystill-vegan-1

-You don’t have to be militant vegan to actually be healthy

-Processed food is still a bad idea, vegan or not

-Vegan does not automatically translate to clean eating


-Vegan does not automatically mean clear skin or a fabulously functional digestive track

A lifestyle eating change is applicable whether you consume animal products or not. Every body is individual, and there is NEVER a one-size-fits-all eating plan. Here’s what I learned about myself:

*Beans (soaked or not) cause me terrible blockage for 24 hours. All beans. In EXTREME moderation, my body is happy. But a regular serving size is disaster for me. Bean products (soup purees, spreads) do not have the same effect. HOWEVER, unless I’ve made it myself, there’s always some trigger in a processed product that doesn’t agree with me.

*Pistachios cause inflammation in my skin. I’m very sad about this, but I eliminated… then added back… and BAM! Inflammation. So I’m off the pistachios.

*I know that soaked nuts are better for me, but I don’t wanna eat a wet nut. I’m sorry. Dry nuts will continue to go in this face until further notice.

*I need to build a wall between myself and dried Goji berries. You cannot tell me to eat 11. You can’t. What kind of serving size is that? Go away. Leave me alone… and leave the dried Goji berries when you go.


*Without meat my intake is naturally less. You’d think the opposite would be true (at least I did) but whole foods are so filling that I’ve cut my serving sizes to a quarter of what they used to be.

* I cannot eat ugly food. I do not even like pictures of ugly food. Before I didn’t care, but now I kind of do. Please stop posting pictures of your ugly food on my timeline. Okay, that’s rude. But it’s true. But seriously, at least make sure I can tell the difference between the soup and the salad. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

*JINYA Spicy Vegan Ramen is the best ‘eat out’ culinary thing to ever happen to me. I need to find a recipe because it is not okay to be on a first name basis with my local restaurant.

So all in all… it’s shaping up to be a good fit. I’m still tweaking and adjusting, and I’ve been able to keep a lot of my old habits (Sundays with Dave’s Black Bean Tempeh is a thing. Deal with it). One notable change though is my dwindling Kombucha intake. I used to put away a couple of bottles a day. Now it’s more like a couple of bottles a month. Not sure what that’s about. Maybe things will change in the Summer.

So yeah, still here. Still Vegan. Still happy as hell about it.

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  1. Thank you! The whole processed food thing didn’t even OCCUR to me until I found myself seeking out quick fix alternatives instead of eating whole foods. Pure laziness on my part. And then I started reading ingredients and realized there are so many additives in that stuff to make it taste like chicken or whatever. Congrats on eating vegan! I started with the intention of it being temporary and just never stopped.


  2. Nice piece. I have been eating vegan for most of the past month, while doing an elimination diet. Interesting enough…I didn’t miss the eggs at all. I did miss having yogurt or kefir in the morning, but probably could live with out dairy. I’ve been a vegetarian almost two years. I am not sure about going vegan just yet. I started following a guy in Instagram (@Jonny_Juicer) who is a raw vegan. If nothing else, watching what he eats gives me lots of ideas for juicing and even desserts.

    There is a vegan restaurant around the corner from my house, and they appear to have moved away from a menu to a hot bar. It seems like a lot of the items in the hot bar aren’t as healthy as one would think you’d find at a vegan place. Only after looking around at a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in DC, did I come to appreciate that a number of vegans are not necessarily eating “healthy.” A lot of fried and processed stuff.

    Thanks for the thoughtful content. I look forward to reading more.


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