Vanilla-Infused Oatmeal

A few days ago I put a picture up on Instagram about ‘vanilla infused oatmeal’. Those who knew me texted WTH… and those who didn’t sent me direct messages. Just how does one get vanilla infused oatmeal?

So easy. This bowl is all dressed up with Golden Berries, raisins and slivered almonds. But the oats themselves are simply cooked in cashew milk … where I simmered vanilla beans. Yep. That’s it. Instead of cooking them in water, I cut the water in half with cashew milk, and keep it on a ridiculously low heat with two vanilla beans in there. Then once the liquid is infused, I add the oats and a pinch of sea salt. The berries and raisins sweeten the pot, and the almonds add a really nice texture. There are a LOT of nuts (between the milk and the almonds) in this so it’s super filling. Now, I’m supposed to be watching my intake so I kind of showed my ass here. But it was so good!

Plus I’d done more yoga than a little bit, and really wanted something hearty on that chilly morning. So yeah…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have been crushing a lot of oatmeal lately, because I was doing an elimination diet to sort out some potential food allergies. I would do hot oatmeal in the morning, using water or coconut milk for the liquid. Or, I would do overnight oats. I’ll have to try infusing some fresh vanilla with my nut milk before adding the oats.


    1. You’re welcome! That’s a very hearty bowl
      so I’m sure to earn it. But it’s good. I should try it with coconut milk.


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