Nut Milk

If you’re tired of buying specialized ‘milks’ at the grocery store, just make your own! Here are my ‘lazy ass can’t be bothered to slow down and do things right’ recipes:


Raw Cashews

Filtered water

OPTIONAL: Vanilla beans (soaked and pureed)

Sea Salt

Soak raw cashews overnight. Toss them in a vitamix with water (consistency and taste is up to you, and blend for your life. Add vanilla if you feel like it, and/or dates, agave, raw sugar… WHATEVER MAKES YOUR HEART SKIP A BEAT… and a little sea salt to round the whole thing out. Send the blend through a strainer to get the crunchy bits out.


Replace Cashews with almonds. Boil and peel those suckers first, or at least soak them overnight. Otherwise those skins will just piss you off.


You already know. Same with flax, hemp and anything else that tickles your fancy.

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