Instead of Honey…

For some vegans making the change, it’s the cheese. For me it was the honey! Besides the fact that I dolloped/drizzled/poured it into every damn thing (even used it to cut the tart of tomato sauce in spaghetti), I also used it on my skin. Honey is deeply hydrating and was a regular staple in every lotion and body balm recipe I could put together. When I maple-leaves.jpgchose to stop using it, I went on a hunt for something that not only imitated the effects, but imitated the properties.


This might be the top choice in our house. It’s thinner than honey, but I’ve found that I can make the tastes more interesting by adding the tiniest squeeze of lemon. I’ve gotten better at selecting syrups with less intrusive tastes, so that it doesn’t alter the overall body of the thing I’m adding it to.


I kind of feel the same way about Stevia. I’m not a fan of the sweetness factor, especially because it goes from sweet to bitter so easily. I’ll sprinkle it on something in a pinch, but I steviakind of have to be desperate. I do like that it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels like other sweeteners do. For me the liquid is better than the powder.


Now THIS is my jam! Since I regularly eat all the dates in the damn world… it’s nothing for me to make a paste and freeze it to add to stuff. All you do is puree the dates until they become a paste, bag it and toss it in the freezer. Easy peasy. Plus, the health benefits of eating dates are off the charts. If you like the taste of dates, this will save you so much time when you cook. If you don’t like dates, well… don’t bother.



Love this stuff too! It took me a minute to figure out how to make it just so, but when you get it right, it’s delicious. It’s just apples, lemon and pectin. You can get it ready made from Bee Free Honee. They do a brilliant job. In terms of taste, this is definitely the best and closest thing I’ve come to honey. I highly recommend it



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