Mushroom ‘Noodles’

Pasta lovers, gather ’round. While it’s perfectly fine to eat all the vegan sprouted pasta in the world, I have personally found that such a practice locks up my digestive track like nobody’s business. I’ve been making Tremella Mushroom ‘noodles’ since I became vegan. It’s a simple process and you can use them for a ton of recipes.

Tremella Mushrooms have been used for years in Chinese recipes and medicine. Recently, it’s become the star ingredient for crossover skin care in the United States. The fungus grows pretty regularly in tropical climates. You can get Tremella for a few bucks on sites like Amazon. They come pre-packaged and dried hard. Rehydrate them by putting them in a bowl of room-temperature water for at least an hour (sometimes I rehydrate mine overnight).


After, I drain the water, rinse the mushroom and cook it by boiling it in the broth of my choice for up to 2 hours (some people skip this step and go right to prepping the meal. I like to cook my mushrooms first). This is all prep: I do NOT recommend doing this the day you want to eat it. Otherwise, you’ll just be pissed off at all the prep time. When the mushroom is done, I cut off all the ‘petals’ and toss the stiff core. Those petals look a helluva lot like wide egg noodles, and I prepare them accordingly.

My favorite dishes include a noodle soup with homemade broth and green onions, a sautee with cauliflower cream sauce, or plain with a dash of sea salt and cracked pepper. You can do so much with these mushrooms. Eating them is said to rehydrate the body from the inside out. Tremella is nature’s hyaluronic acid, which our body produces naturally as long as we move around and keep our joints lubricated.

Learn more about Tremella, or Snow Fungus, HERE.


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