Penne & Pesto with Kale & Leeks

I’ve discovered that I’m a fairly lazy cook. I guess I’ve always been that way, even before I became a vegan. The difference is more prep with sauces for vegan dishes (because I start with whole ingredients), but all of my meals still clock in under the half hour mark. I got a wild hair and decided to make penne with something creamy and something green. The result was this:



4 leeks

3 bunches of kale

1 box vegan penne

vegan pesto

cauliflower cream sauce


I started with the leeks. I sliced the bases of four and put the tops in a pot to boil down for the pasta. I sauteed the slices with salt, cracked pepper and garlic, then added the the kale just until it turned bright green.

I removed the leek tops from the boiling water and added a sprinkle of salt, grapeseed oil and the penne. Once cooked, I drained the penne and mixed with vegan pesto, and cauliflower cream sauce (roast seasoned cauliflower + sweet onion + red potatoes & blend with 1/2 cup of nut milk) to my desired consistency. I plated the penne, added the kale mixture on top, and ate!

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